The cooperative society which obtains any part of its working capital by maintaining such liquid resources in such form as may be specified by the Reserve India in case of urban thrift and credit bank or a financing bank. In case of other, the Registrar fixes the amount of liquid resources which the society has to manage working capital or a portion of which has been obtained by way of utilized in lending business in accordance with such standards as may be Registrar from time to time of Successful.

A society may need funds for satisfactorily carrying out its objects and it may than the paid up share capital of the society. In order to raise additional funds, the society may raise funds by issue of debentures and bonds if such issue is under the memorandum. The multi state credit cooperative society may after obtaining approval of the regulations regarding the maximum amount to be raised by the issue of the bonds, class or classes of debentures of bonds, the face value of each debentures and the rate on which interest is payable apart from the terms and conditions transfer of debentures and other incidental matters. Where the society is issuing debentures to non-members, the maximum amount which the society can borrow exceed the maximum credit limit. However, for raising funds from the members, the condition does not apply although the approval of the Registrar is required, before it are debentures. Where the multi state cooperative society is accepting deposits and loans from members in multi state cooperative society, the excess amount is to be deposited in an account with the financing bank be invested in the Government securities specified in Section 20 of the Indian 1882 and the amount so deposited or invested cannot be withdrawn or otherwise except for the payment of deposits accepted in excess of the limit.