Crystal Consultancy was formed to help our clients for registration of multi state cooperative society. We deal in services related to various categories of multi state cooperative societies whether it is credit, housing, construction, solar, agro, transport, hospital, conversion of credit society into multi state or any other multi state cooperative society. Our proposals are formulated after painstaking research and detailed study of the client’s range of activities. We at Crystal Consultancy have a wide range of professionals to render precise support to our valued clients across the country. These professionals are supported by appropriate office infrastructure and an exhaustive database of support documentation.

What we require from you:

1. Information of 55 members from each state with 2 states minimum. Kindly download this form and fill up their details. Form 1 You can take its separate printouts but please keep the sets of different states separate. You can keep more number of states as well but each additional state require a minimum of 55 members from that state.
2. Names of all the members with their signatures. Kindly download the form 2 Form 2 You can take its separate printouts.Please do not write the serial number in this.
3. Proposed name of your multi state cooperative society.
4. Your area of operation : Mention the names of the states where you want to work.
Please Note- For the Form1 and Form2 Form, everything can be computer written except the signatures. The addresses of the members should be complete and meaningful because incomplete address results in rejection. There should be complete address for example - Sajan Kumar, Flat number- 205, Pushpanjali Apartments, Patparganj, Delhi - 110092. Please don't write incomplete address. When you have the above details, you can courier these documents to our office address mentioned in our contact page. If you want any other information, please contact us at or 9711105597