Q.1 What is a multi state co-operative society? The co-operative societies, with objects not confined to one state and serving the interests of members in more than one state for social and economic betterment of its members through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with the co-operative principles are considered Multi State Co-operative Society.

Q.2 How many types of multi state co-operative societies are there? Multi State Co-operative Societies are of several types Credit Co-operative Society, Housing Co-operative Society, Farming Co-operative Society, Dairy Firm Multi State Co-operative Society, Solar Credit Co-operative Society, Multi State Multi Purpose Co-operative Society, Transport Co-operative Society and many more

Q.3 What is a Credit Co-operative Society? In Credit Co-operative Society, you can do all finance related work. You can accept deposits from members and give loans to members on a particular interest rate.

Q.4 What is a Housing Co-operative Society ? In Housing Co-operative Society,you have the following benefits. To promote, form, register, housing co-operative societies or limited companies or other incorporated bodies or association of the purchasers or allottees of flats, garages, or other tenements and to pay out of the funds of the company all expenses with respect to the promotion, formation and registration of such societies, limited companies or other incorporated bodies or such association and to buy, sell, lease, construct, repair, manage land and buildings for and on behalf of co-operative societies or limited companies or in corporate bodies or such associations. To make out, construct, lay down, prepare and maintain gardens, parks, roads, streets, sewers drains and public conveniences with power to dedicate such gardens, parks, roads or streets for their public purposes.

Q.5 How much time do we take for a multi state co-operative society to be registered? Generally it takes 4-6 months for a multi state co-operative society to be registered after the submission of documents in the ministry. Sometimes it can be done earlier also provided the documents required for registration are made available to us sooner.

Q.6 What are the requirements for registration of a Multi State Co-operative Society? Please download the following forms- Form 1 Form 2 In Form 1,we need the details of minimum 50 members from 2 states each with their signatures.You can take its separate printouts but please keep the sets of different states separate. You can keep more number of states but each additional state require details of minimum 50 members. In Form 2, we need the names of all the members with their signatures. Please note : In Form1 and Form2, everything can be computer written except the signatures.