The credit co-operative society orders with articles not restricted to one state and serving the diversions of parts in more than one state for society and monetary enhancement of its parts through improvement and common help as per the co-operative standards are acknowledge Multi State Co-operative Society. Crystal Consultancy is an enrolled firm offering assortment of inventive exhortation to our customers in the field of Ngo registration, 80G, FCRA, multi state cooperative society, 12A, pan and so forth. Many helpful credit social orders will look for keeping money permit from the Reserve Bank of India emulating revision in the Banking Regulation Act. Presently, credit cooperative society orders to enroll managed by Registrar of Co-operative Societies yet their operations don't go under the purview of the managing an account controller, the RBI, not with standing tolerating stores and giving advances. The mission is Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd. is to kill destitution by assembling a secure and transparent micro-finance organization of furnish budgetary aid to the under favored, specifically senior residents, handicapped and those living underneath the need line. Credit Co-Operative Societies money related foundation framed under the laws, which do managing an account business around its parts. Co-Operative Society is under the 2001 Act, directed by the legislature with its enrollment 751/la.a./2011, completely ahead to Government. Credit Cooperative Society is money related conglomeration administering fiscals transactions around its parts under the demonstration that Cooperatives Societies. The society order to enroll under Government of India, Multi States Cooperative Societies Act 2002 having enlistment. The society order demand follows all the tenets of Government of India, Multi States Society Act.